Introduction to Metsap Research Group

The METSAP or Energy Modeling and Sustainable Energy Systems Laboratory has been setup by the aim of modeling energy systems for developing the knowledge and technology of modeling and planning of energy systems for promoting renewable energy’s’ share in the national energy systems in all dimensions of energy demand.

In this laboratory, translation to higher renewable energy share in national, regional, and provincial energy systems are modeled and the various effects of integration in economic, social, and policy-making conditions on the sustainability of energy systems are analyzed.

On a local scale for large energy consuming units, energy consumption analysis is developed and the sustainability of energy systems is analyzed in terms of energy costs, emissions and effects on global warming.

METSAP Lab. researchers are trying to model and analyze the renewable energy integration in the country’s energy systems in different policy conditions (supportive and non-supportive) with different methods of energy modeling and provide comprehensive information for energy policy making to the country’s energy decision makers.

In this laboratory, interdisciplinary research topics in various fields, including:

  • The climate and energy team bringing years of experience with clean energy solutions
  • Climate change and Carbone footprint studies
  • CO2 emission control of energy sector
  • Technical and economic feasibility of new energy development plans at the national, provincial, city and institutional levels
  • Analysis of energy systems including electricity, heat, agriculture and transportation
  • Modeling and forecasting the supply of energy resources, including renewable and non-renewable energy
  • Potential mapping and evaluation of wind, solar, geothermal, marine, oil and gas and coal energy sources
  • Preparation of an atlas of renewable energy resources
  • Generation of atlas and potential assessment of the province’s renewable energy resources for planning their development at the provincial level
  • Modeling and analyzing greenhouse gas emissions and their effects on global warming independently or jointly with other laboratories
  • Training of skilled engineers in all fields of energy modeling and energy systems analysis,
  • Development and launch of various tools for modeling and analysis of energy systems
  • Provide the necessary tools for the analysis of energy systems
  • Fundamental and applied research on modeling the sustainable development of energy systems
  • Modeling of energy systems to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Helping to improve the level of modeling technology in the country and training researchers in this field

Head of the Research Group

Hossein Yousefi (PhD)

Department of Renewable Energy and Environmental Eng

Energy and Environment

Younes Noorollahi (PhD)

Department of Renewable energy and Environmental Eng

Energy System Modelling, Renewable Energy, Energy Resources Assessment

Research Interests and Topics

Energy Systems Modelling

Sustainable Energy Systems Modelling, Simulation and Optimization of Energy Systems, Maximizing Energy Systems efficiency,

Energy and Environment

Environmental Impact Assessment of Energy Resources Development, Global Warming, Emission Reduction, Development of Green Energy Systems, Environmentally Friendly Energy Systems

Climate Change

Global Warming; Emission Reduction; Carbon Footprint; Carbon Trading; CDM

Energy Systems Analysis

Evaluation of Energy Systems, Energy Saving, Energy Planning, Energy Management Systems

Residential Energy Planning

Energy Planning For Urban Development; Optimal Management of Energy Resources in Municipalities; Development of Renewable Energy in Cities and Villages

Energy Auditing

Energy Audit for Optimal Planning of Energy Consumption in Industries, Buildings and Industrial Centers

Energy Resources Assessment

Renewable Energies Resources Assessment, Energy Resources Site Selection, Development of Energy Resources Atlas

Renewable Energy Resources Atlas

Renewable Energies Resources Assessment, Energy Resources Site Selection, Development of Energy Resources Atlas

Zero Energy Buildings

Modeling and Development of Zero Energy Buildings; Energy Planning for Zero and Positive Energy Buildings, Modeling of Positive and Zero Energy Buildings

Sustainable Power Production System

Planning and Development of Sustainable Power Generation Systems, Planning and Modeling of Power Plants Based on Emission Reduction and Pollution Reduction Strategies, Planning and Modeling of Renewable Based Power Generation Systems

Sustainable Energy Systems for Agriculture

Planning and Development of Energy Systems for Agricultural Sector, Renewable Energy Sources Integration to Agricultural Sector, Green and Low Carbon energy for Agricultural Sector

Green Transportation Energy System

Planning and Development of Green Energy Systems in Transportation Sector, Planning and Development of Low Carbon Transportation System, Emissions Reduction in Cities Transportation System, Low Carbon Fuels, Cleaner Cities Planning

Research Team Heads

Amir Shahriar Kalantari

Energy Demand Modelling

Shahab Eslami

Heating Energy System Modelling

Hamed Janalizadeh

Agricultural Energy Systems Modelling

Ali Farhadi

Transportation Energy Systems Modelling

Reza Fattahi

Bio-Energy Systems Modelling

رحیم ملتمس

Rahim Moltames

National Energy System Modelling

Research Team 

Ahmad Fadaei

Energy Systems Eng.

Water Desalination Modelling

Shiva Ansaripour

Energy Systems Eng.

Energy Demand Modelling

Nima Ghasemipour

Renewable Energy Eng.

Solar-Geothermal Desalination

Mobina Simaee Ghazimahaleh

Energy Systems Eng.

Local Energy Planning

Mohamad Mahdi Rezaei

Energy Systems Eng.

Energy Resources Assessment

Aminabbas Golshanfard

Energy Systems Eng.

Industrial Energy Systems Modelling

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